Thursday, July 29, 2010

Homeschooling and Chaos Cottage Ramblings

Robyn and I are home alone today as her daddy is volunteering at church with their computer updating. So far she has taken a spelling quiz in language arts, read about the story of Ruth in bible and is learning about the circulatory system in science. She has a math test to take but wants to review what she has learned the last two weeks before taking the test. I am perusing the web and doing general housewifey things around this chaos cottage. Laundry is on the agenda today and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen. A second cup of coffee is also on my to-do list!

Later, we both plan on getting in some reading time. She is finishing up Alice in Wonderland and I have finished my library books so will find something here in the house to read.

We will have dinner together tonight. I bought some fresh light cheese ravioli that I have never made before. I am hoping to use the dining room. We have been eating a lot in the den and watching a tv program together while we eat. We do enjoy this and we do converse while doing this, but there is just something much more nicer about sitting about the dining room table and enjoying our meal that way.

Tomorrow, we plan on giving the main floor of the house a good cleaning. We have friends from Oregon coming for a visit and friends from church. We are going to have dinner together and catch up with each others lives. Hubby needs to give the grass some attention. One of his least favorite tasks! The heat doesn't help, does it? So, tomorrow will be a very busy day for us. We will probably need Saturday just to rest and recover! We are in horrible shape. But that is another post all together. I'll get to that subject another time.

We look forward to church on Sunday and maybe some time with family. I thank God for my family and our love and genuine concern we have for each other.

Have a terrific rest of the week and a wonderful weekend.


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Becky said...

Sounds like life at Chaos Cottage is grand and you all are enjoying your summer. God is good!