Friday, July 23, 2010

My week in review.

Thank you Lord for air conditioning. Our new HVAC was installed on Wednesday. It feels so good to get the hot sticky air out of our house. We were without air conditioning for over three weeks. I felt like I lived in a sauna! Nothing much was accomplished in my home while it was hot and miserable. I am also thankful for my wonderful neighbor who was able to get us a huge discount on our HVAC. Good neighbors are a blessing.

We attended Hot Topics at the Hub at church Wednesday night. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am sad that there is only one more night of this left.

Robert went to his aunt's lake house yesterday and helped her with a few more of her projects. He is almost done. We really enjoyed the use of her lake house earlier in the month and will probably go out and spend some time there again before the summer is over.

Robert and Robyn went swimming at a friend's pool a couple evenings this week. Robyn loves the water and swimming with her friend, David. She sometimes swims at her aunt's apartment as well.

Robert is volunteering at church again today. He is updating the church's computers and laptops. He has managed to help his aunt, his church, and do things around his home this week and apply for jobs. He trimmed the hedges which were growing wildly out of control earlier this week. Thank you Lord for my husband!

I have been supervising Robyn with her homeschooling today. It is apparent to me that she likes to fly through her studies. I have to put the brakes on her! I helped her with her Bible studies just a little while ago. She had a quiz past due and we needed to go over what she was supposed to have been learning this week. I found out she hadn't been reading the Bible but just reading the lesson. So we had to review things together. I am also about to help her with her project on the Panama Canal and the glaciers that swept over North America. She has to type a paragraph about them. Bible and History/Geography, were past due and given top priority today. Then it is on to what is due today. By doing her school work on the computer with Switched on School House, her typing skills are really improving.

Robyn has read two books this week and I have too. She is now reading Alice in Wonderland. I haven't read that book and may read it before it goes back to the library. There are a lot of classics that I haven't read and would love to do that if I can find the time. I am attempting to get caught up with my bible reading and reach my goal of reading the entire bible again this year. There are a lot of women out in blogland who are reading the entire bible in 90 days. I might try that at some point but don't feel like I am ready to attempt that yet.

I have laundry going today and have a kitchen to clean up before beginning dinner tonight. Once again, I am thankful for my cool house and the ability to work without getting so hot and sweaty. I don't like doing housework. But being able to do it in a much cooler home makes the job more pleasant!

Have a terrific weekend.


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rhonda said...

Hi, Pam. I hopped over from MPM to check out your menu, but also read your homeschool posts. We, too, are homeschooling for the first time. Our daughter is 12 and in seventh grade. I can so relate to your comment that your daughter seems to fly through her studies and you wonder how much she is retaining. We've felt the same way. But things are going well, over all. I've learned a lot about our daughter since we started this in August! We're glad we chose to homeschool. I enjoyed reading your posts, especially so because we seem to have a lot in common with our experiences. Thanks for posting! ~~Rhonda :)