Friday, July 16, 2010

More homeschooling stuff.

So far, this week in homeschooling has gone better. We consider the first three weeks a "trial" period. What we have been doing now, is printing out her work and going over it with her. Then she does this again on her computer. We are supervising her work rather than letting her work independently and unsupervised. She is using her dry erase board to diagram a root system as I type! These changes are helping and seem to be working.

She has also read an entire book since Wednesday! It was a Disney Fairies book, but it was a good sized one and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She will start on another book today. I am very proud of her.

We have limited her computer and TV time. To be honest, we were allowing her too much freedom with those things. We don't set a very good example ourselves in that department. I am also reading a new book and hubby has been doing volunteer computer work at the church a couple of days a week. So we haven't spent so much time in front of the "boob" tube and on our computers.

So as homeschooling parents, we are also learning. Homeschooling parents need to be clear and firm, strong, yet understanding, authoritative, but compassionate. So, when the going gets rough with homeschooling, we keep going! This sets a good example for our daughter that we don't give up. We keep moving forward!

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Becky said...

Sounds great Pam! Our homeschooling days were hard, but those days were so good too. We felt so close as a family.