Monday, July 12, 2010

Homeschooling update

Robyn has finished three weeks of Switched on Schoolhouse and had one week off. This week, she starts back again.

So far, I haven't been pleased with her progress. I am not expecting perfectionism but do have some problems with SOS. I believe that Robyn is not quite ready to do independent work. Robert and I have decided to be more "hands on" with her schooling. He is going to print out her work and we will do some going over and teaching with her. Her reading the material on the computer on her own doesn't seem to be "sticking." We think that with a little bit more input of a real life teacher will help her to retain the material better. So we are going to make this adaption to her schooling and see how that turns out.

We are also instituting one hour of reading on most days. She isn't doing enough of this and has been spending way too much time on my Facebook account playing games or on her favorite website, Pixie Hollow. Oh, parenting! It's such hard work!



Ryan Egan said...

Good morning!

My name is Ryan and I work for Alpha Omega Publications. We're sorry to hear that you have some problems with Switched-On Schoolhouse. Would you mind giving us some feedback on how we can make it better? Thanks so much and enjoy the rest of your week!

Becky said...

Hi Pam, parenting is hard work. Each child has their way of learning. Sounds like you have some good ideas on how to help your sweetie work to her full potential. Keep up the good work!