Monday, July 19, 2010

My family needs to get in shape!

Physically and spiritually. Do you ever feel that way? Time to tweak your menus and tweak how you spend your time? We have been eating all the wrong foods, not exercising, and not spending enough time in God's Word and prayer. How about you? Do you need to put your body on a diet and your mind on a TV/Computer/Ipod/insert whatever takes up too much of your time/diet? We do.

As you know, I love to peruse menus and plan my weekly menu. We don't always stick to it but for me, it is better than trying to cook for my family without a plan. I also have not figured out how to shop on a weekly basis without a plan. Otherwise, it's takeout and many trips to the store for spur of the moment food. So, I've already been perusing the web for some low-cal menus and planning out several weeks of good, healthy, and low cal fare.

Next, we are going to reinstate our family meals at the dining room table and reading our family devotions there. I love it when we all sit around the dining room table and eat together. Robyn is especially fond of this.

All of us have fallen off the Read Your Bible in One Year goal, but it's not too late to get caught up. My prayer time has generally been before most meals and before nodding off at night. Not good. Not sure about the rest of the family in this area, but I am going to make a greater effort in getting in time for God's Word and conversing more with him. Can I hear an Amen?


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