Monday, July 12, 2010

Completing Him Challenge

Courtney, over at the Women Living Well website has been issuing challenges and I have decided to take her up on this one.

So I asked my husband to list his top five priorities for me to do for him and in return I listed my top five for him along with things he is getting right! I didn't want this to look like I was bashing him. I wanted to show my appreciation to him for the things he gets right. I won't go into details of what was on my list or on his but we are going to institute some changes around here based on each other's list such as:

My health should be a number one priority. Everything I do hinges on that. My insomnia is effecting all areas of my life. This has also made it difficult to attend church on Sunday mornings. Evenings aren't so much a problem. So I am going to try harder to get to bed earlier and take my melatonin and pray for sleep to come. At the same time, when I am exhausted during the day, I will forgo napping. Oh I will miss this very much, and hope that by eliminating the nap I will be able to fall asleep easier and earlier in the evening. I know this sounds simple, but insomnia is not easy to cure. But I will try to do everything I can to straighten this out. Vitamins and my supplements should be included in here too. I cannot stress enough the importance of having all your vitamin levels where they should be. I need to get my iron and Vitamin D levels higher and that in itself should give me more energy during the day. Walking/exercise falls into this category too.
Enough said.

Just by doing the above I should see an improvement my life and be motivated to get out of the house more and be able to volunteer at church. These things were all important to my hubby.

Hubby in return sees that I need him to take more interest in the care and upkeep of our home, his tone with his daughter and date nights for us.

I am looking forward to making my hubby happier, by making myself healthier.

How about you?


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Marge said...

Interesting. I may have to do this, too. Give us an update in a week or two and let us know how it's going.