Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday in South Carolina

It's just Robyn and I right now. Hubby is on his way back to Tennessee. Please pray for safe travel for him today. He has an appointment in Chattanooga on Wednesday regarding his job. We are so glad we had both vehicles here with us. Robyn and I are going to leave a day early and come home on Friday and avoid some Saturday traffic.

Today Robyn is going to go swimming in the indoor pool here and then I think we may go do some shopping for new shoes for her and maybe go by our favorite bookstore. We love bookstores. It's what we do! We may watch some educational videos today as well, I'm thinking history!

Tonight we plan on playing some Yahtzee and a new game called Farkel. The reason we have the new game is that we had a dice missing in our Yahtzee box and the Farkel game comes in a cute little travel cup (doesn't take up much room) and comes with dice so we can just use the same dice for both games. That should provide us with some entertainment and take our mind off of our missing hubby/daddy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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