Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My hubby got a phone call today about the job we have been praying about. Assuming he passes the physical and background check, he will have the job of his dreams!

Thank you all my praying friends. It is a blessing to have family and friends who have interceded for us and we are thanking God for answering those prayers.

Continue to pray for Robert's blood pressure to normalize and that he passes his physical with flying colors!




Beth said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the great news with us. When it is a done deal, can you tell us what the job is? No worries if you can't. This is exciting.

Chaos Cottage said...

Not sure of the start date yet but it is a good job with Tennessee Valley Authority which provides our electric in this part of the country.

He still has to pass his physical. Continue to pray for that to happen.