Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holidays, Schmolidays...

This year the holidays will be a little weird. First of all, Halloween was weird. Daughter didn't dress up and was visiting her aunt and I had to call her and ask her to come home so she could hand out candy here. My hubby was at another house that was hosting a party for kids from church and he was guarding the bounce house. It was just weird not having him here but he was doing a good deed with his dicipleship group.

Thanksgiving we will be in another state and eating our dinner at Cracker Barrel. I hope to host Thanksgiving again one day in my new home. I like a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings and I must say that Cracker Barrel does a good job, but there is nothing like having this feast at home and getting to enjoy all those leftovers days later.

Christmas. Where do I begin? We have been paring down the house and storing things in a rented storage unit and I had hoped we would be out of this house months ago and the house would be sold or at least listed and on the market. Guess what? That ain't happening. Hubby's health has taken precedent and he isn't supposed to do anything strenuous so we are still storing stuff but things have slowed waaay doown...Hubby thinks most of our Christmas decor is stored away. Ugh. We sold our dining room furniture, so no Christmas dinner in there this year. I am hoping my Mother-In-Love will be hosting Christmas this year. Even so, it won't be feeling much like Christmas around here. My house isn't going to look very festive without the lighted deer in the yard, candles in the windows, Christmas tree twinkling in the window and Christmas decor strewn throughout the house. It is just gonna be kinda weird.

I guess we should just focus on what Thanksgiving and Christmas are really about this year. Daughter is 12 years old and can truly understand the true meanings of these holidays and we should emphasize that this year. I'll get back with you with some ideas later. In the meantime, if you have any ideas, please share.


Karen said...

I think it's all going to be very memorable! String some popcorn and cranberries. Make all homemade decorations.. and just plain enjoy taking a break from cooking this year. Next year's holidays will just all be super special.
Ladybug Creek

Chaos Cottage said...

Good ideas Karen.