Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeschool tag team

In my life this week…daughter got a couple of shots this week at the health department and didn't flinch. That's always good. My life revolves around homeschooling, laundry, cooking, dishes, sleeping, and thinking about packing and not really having the energy to do it. Where are the moving fairies when you need them?

In our homeschool this week…we are just plugging along. Very happy with daughter's grades and her progress.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…drove husband one and a half hours away for a job interview on Tuesday. We should know something today.

My favorite thing this week was…seeing my husband go through an interview this week and come out of it feeling good about it.

What’s working for us…getting my husband's help with teaching math is wonderful!

Questions/thoughts I have…wondering when my husband will get a job.

I’m reading…I finally finished Uncle Tom's Cabin and have started on The Last of the Mohicans. I'm also reading the first Harry Potter book.

I’m cooking… up good things this week. Check my Monday post.

I’m grateful for…a loving family.

I’m praying for… my husband's health and employment for him. Also my dad has been having chest pains and has recently worn a heart monitor. I am hoping they will find out what is causing the pain and can help him with it.

That's my week at Second Star Academy and Chaos Cottage.

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Debbie said...

Oh yes, I remember wishing for those same moving fairies, they never do seem to show up when we need them.

S said...

Best wishes for your husband on the job front!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

Chaos Cottage said...

Thank you S.

Creating Nirvana said...

Good luck to your husband! I hope he gets the job.

Chaos Cottage said...

Thanks for visiting. We haven't heard about the job, so I'm guessing he didn't get it. Oh well.

Unknown said...

All the best with your husband and that job! I hope it's positive news for you!

You're reading some challenging books! Good for you! I like to read the classics with some "fluff" books inbetween. LOL