Friday, April 16, 2010

What to blog about?

Ever have one of those days in blogland when you just don't know what to write about? I am going through that right now. Actually, I am just too busy right now to even think about blogging much except my weekly menu which I do every week.

We are still trying to finish up our project upstairs, getting ready for daughter's 11th birthday party soiree, husband's new job as an adjunct professor and his three day census training at the end of the month. After we finish with Robyn's room and the guest room we are moving on to the master bedroom and bath. We also want to paint the upstairs hallway and paint the master bedroom and bath. Our closet needs a major overhaul and all the carpets upstairs will be cleaned, including the stairs, when we are finished. I think I will tackle my scrapbooking room all by myself and not ask hubby to help me with that. I think that will make him smile!

So, if things get a little boring around here you will know why. Next week, I will be able to post all the before, during, and after photos of Robyn's and the guest room. I can hardly wait.

Until then,


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Becky said...

I am happy to read that your husband finally got a job. PTL!! Best wishes on all the plans you have for your home.