Monday, April 5, 2010

It's so good to be back home.

We spent spring break in Colonial Williamsburg. Family and friends had a wonderful week visiting all the historical sites there and in Jamestown and Yorktown. We couldn't have asked for a prettier week weather wise either. But it is always good to be back home.

I will post some pictures later this week but today I have many things to do today. I need to unpack, do laundry, post my weekly menu, work on that grocery list, etc. Dh is going to mow the lawn and probably run to the store for me as I am having some difficulties with my back.

Tomorrow, daughter has a dental appointment and we need to return the van to my dad and mom. We enjoy using their van on vacations as it gets better gas mileage than hubby's Lexus and is much more comfortable that my Mazda. Plus it is roomier. Vans can be quite handy that way!

Well, time for that second cup of ambition and on to getting my chores done for the day. Hope your day is blessed with God's best!


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