Monday, April 19, 2010

I am so tired

I am so tired, but I must press on. Yesterday wore me out. I feel old and achy. I hate feeling this way. Today, I will make time to sit on the deck and soak up some of God's Vitamin D.

We took the first of a three-part 301 class at church yesterday. Next week we take a test to find out our gifts, called SHAPE. I can't wait. Then we went to service and it was the first message in a new series called The Pursuit of Happiness. I am looking forward to the entire series. I need a little happiness right now. Afterwards I came home and cooked lunch. Got to relax just a little when it was time to take Robyn to pick up her friend and take them both to Laser Quest for a youth activity. I dropped them off and then went to Books a Million for a cup of ambition and to peruse a new Paula Deen decorating book. Ooh, the photos! Lots of them were Paula's too. Did you know she has a dock house? It was so cute and cozy. And then it was time to go pick up the girls. We stopped for a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone and then off to church for A Night Of Praise. The music was awesome! Then it was time to take Robyn's friend home. We were hungry so I drove through Arby's and bought some chicken sammies and curly fries. I know, but I haven't had curly fries in a very long time. I couldn't eat it all, but it was delicious!

I'm tired today and my feet hurt. I didn't have my most comfortable shoes on yesterday. When my feet hurt, I hurt all over!!! Are you like that?

I have the dishwasher doing it's thang and I need to finish picking up and cleaning the kitchen before starting on tonight's dinner. I am still laundering linens from the guest room and Robyn's room. Robert is going to start on carpet cleaning up there today. Then, tomorrow he can shift furniture to the clean side of the carpet and finish the room. Wednesday, we should be able to start putting the rooms back in order. Robyn has been a big help carrying boxes of toys down two flights of stairs to the basement, where we will go through everything and only take back up the things she is keeping. That, in itself, will be a big job. But oh so worth it. My advice to anyone with children, don't wait 11 years to go through the toys! I may be exaggerating a little, but not much. Shame on me, but it's true.

Robert teaches his first Marketing class tomorrow night and he has spent a lot of time getting ready for it. He has a power point presentation to help with his lecture time. Once he gets the kinks all worked out on this one, future classes should be a breeze. I am praying all goes well and he enjoys teaching.

Robyn turns 11 tomorrow and after school I am taking her to my Mom and Dad's for a little visit. She also wants to borrow their Karaoke for her sleepover party on Friday. Her and her little friends will be rocking the house! I know she will have a fun time. She will enjoy showing off her "new" bedroom too.

Well, gotta go check the dryer and reboot the washer. Have a marvelous Monday!


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Becky said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your dear daughter! Hope she has a fun time celebrating with her friends. Blessings to your hubby with his new class.