Saturday, April 24, 2010

This chest and dresser with mirror was a gift from my mother-in-love, and has been in the guest room. Robyn needed more drawer space and this just fit the bill.

There's her Tinkerbell bed. We need to do some tweaking to the canopy, it's just not right. lol

We still have work to do in the room. All her things haven't been displayed on the shelf that goes around the top of her room and we have dvd's and books to put in her bookshelf and things like that. But it was "done enough" for her to have her sleepover birthday party Friday night. The girls had a blast and Robyn has so happy with her room re-do.


Marge said...

It's very pretty, Pam. I love the color.

Chaos Cottage said...

thanks. The color is Tinkerbell. Can you believe that?

Becky said...

Pretty bed and the dressers are pretty too.