Thursday, July 23, 2009

A first for me

Today I had my first colonoscopy. It wasn't bad at all. Now, the saline laxative wasn't so great. I had to drink two bottles over two days. I also had to drink only clear liquids for two days, well actually two and a half by the time I got back home from the hospital. No food. That was the hardest part. I really think my insides were touching each other when I arrived at admissions this morning! My doctor was great. My results were excellent. He told me he doesn't want me to darken his door for 6-7 years. I'm okay with that.

Guess what dear Robert brought me in my recovery room? Dunkin Donuts coffee. He's just the best! I felt fine and drank it right down. I hadn't had coffee either. I was give the Michael Jackson drug and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it for any proceedure that requires sedation. It is called Propofol.

Dd has gone to spend a couple of nights with my parents and it gives me time to recoop and relax before getting back into the swing of things.

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Becky said...

Glad everything went very well for you Pam, that is great news. Enjoy your time alone with hubby.