Friday, May 4, 2012

The Homeschooling Mother's Journal

In my life this week...I've been busy homeschooling, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, cooking for my family, doing dishes, watering my new lillies, packing for a trip and decluttering a little.  I'm tired. 

In our homsechool this's been a week of trying to catch up with school work as our school year is winding down. We both are needing a break.  My daughter and I are also going to spend a week together in our time-share condo in Gatlinburg starting on Saturday and, unfortunately, we will be doing school together while we are there.  We want to have a big summer break so we decided it is best to continue to do work while we are there, around a couple of visits to Dollywood (we have season passes), a little shopping, and sightseeing.  We also plan to take some movies to watch together.  It's going to be a girl's week!

I am inspired by...friendship.  Through life's ups and downs, it's good to know you have friends.

Places we're going, people we're seeing...Gatlinburg baby!  We will see you on Saturday!  Dollywood here we come too!

My favorite thing this week between my daughter and her daddy.  Ain't nothing like it.  My daughter is so sweet.  I love her so much.

I'm reading...besides some social media, pinterest, my evening Bible reading, I haven't done much reading of anything.  Maybe while I'm in Gatlinburg I'll get back to it.  I am just so focused on getting the schoolwork done that I haven't been allowing myself time to read.  We do school on our laptops, in the den, most days, and when daughter is working independently, I am rebooting the laundry, or making meals, or washing dishes, getting a shower, or perusing pinterest.  So reading has gotten pushed way down on my list of priorities.

I'm grateful husband and his brain.  I am so thankful that God led me to an intelligent man.  He is very smart and I think his daughter inherited his brain.  Yay!

I'm praying for...humbleness, sensitivity to the feelings of others, being able to think before I speak, and forgiveness.  Thank you Lord for loving me.

That's what's going on at Second Star Academy.  Thank you for stopping by.  Come back again!


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