Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just an update.

As our school year is narrowing down, I thought it would be a good time for an update.

My husband is doing well at work and continuing to do well on his Friday exams.  He has some oral boards coming up soon which he is nervously studying for.  Let's all keep praying for him.  We are so grateful for this job after such a long period of unemployment.

I think I mentioned before that we put selling our home on hold.  It makes sense to wait until he gets through all his training before we move closer to his work.  I have no doubt he will pass with flying colors, but he would rather wait until he does.  It's an hour commute each way and as long as he is all right with that we will stay put for a while.

Homeschooling my daughter is both a pleasure and a job.  Yes, a job.  There are a lot of other things I would rather be doing than spending hours each day teaching her, but most days, I really enjoy it and am so glad that I stumbled into it.  It wasn't my plan to do this.  But when Robert lost his job we decided that paying tuition didn't make sense and we really didn't want to send her to the local public school, so homeschooling was the solution.  So, it was a God thing.  Robyn loves being homeschooled even though there are days when she really doesn't want to do the work and I have to prod her along.  She is very comfortable with homeschooling and knows that it is possible she may go back to a brick and mortar school at some point, probably for high school, but she would rather it be college.  I don't know if I am up to teaching her through high school.  We'll just pray about this and see what happens.

Robyn and I spent a week in Gatlinburg last week and we had a lot of fun and she wore me out.  And guess what?  We have another week that is soon to expire and we are leaving on Friday to another local resort for another week of, I hope, fun.  Robyn is very excited until I keep reminding her we will be doing school.  I keep telling her we have to get done so that she can enjoy the summer.

After we finish school I have a few goals in mind to get a few things done around the house.  Number one, is my craft room.  I have really piled things up in there, so much so, you cannot even get in the room.  Well, not really, but almost!  We have an old desktop computer in there that needs to go and I think we may start using our laptops up there some and possibly do school up there in the fall.  That may make it easier for me to kill two birds with one stone.  I can work on my scrapbooks, or whatever, while we are doing school.  Because, when we are doing school, there are a lot of times when I am not needed, and that's when I "reboot" the laundry or dishwasher, etc. but other times, when I have nothing to do and I end up surfing the web, pinning on Pinterest, etc.  I would rather be working on my scrapbooks that are many years behind.  Also, Robyn has recently shown a talent for drawing and I think she would like to do that in there and keep her supplies there too.

Then, I would like to clean out and organize my master bedroom closet.  I have bagged up some items, but haven't actually taken them out.  I need to give away a lot of my clothes and shoes, and Robert's clothes to charity.  If we aren't wearing them, we don't need them.

I also need to pressure wash the walkway and driveway and deck.  The deck also needs staining.  I would like to get to this before the southern summer gets too hot.

There are some paint projects around the house too, but I need to find a way to get my man to do those.  He is gone from 5:30 until 4:30 or later every day and has to study in the evenings and so far are weekends have been too busy for painting projects, but I am still wishing it will happen. 

And then there's the basement and the garage.  Oh my.  What a mess.  I can't even think about that right now.

So anyway, that's what's going on around here.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  Please come back again.


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