Sunday, December 4, 2011

Menu for week of December 5th

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks, as we were out of town enjoying a little time away before hubby begins his new job. We don't have a start date yet, but it will be soon. Here is my plan on what to feed my family this week. I am also challenging myself to post more often and learn how to take the photos off my camera and put them on my laptop (hubby usually does this) and then I can put more photos in my posts. So look for photos and recipes to follow my menu throughout the week.


B- Oatmeal, Orange Juice
L-Our Favorite Chinese Take Out


B-Toaster Strudel
L-Soup and PB&J
D-Chicken Tetrazzini (freeze one), Salad, Rolls (I will post this recipe on Tuesday with a photograph


B-Breakfast Sammies (make up extras to freeze)
L-Sammies, Carrots and Dip
D-Beef Goulash, Rolls or Garlic Bread (photo of recipe on Wednesday with the recipe)


B-Oatmeal, Sliced Apple
L-Yummy No Meat Lunch Wraps (freeze the remainder) (recipe will be posted Thursday with the recipe)
D-Quick Breaded Chicken Strips (or chicken tenders and fish tenders from the freezer), Oven Fries

B-Apple Muffins (freeze remainder) (will post recipe on Friday with a photo)
L-Sammies, Carrots and Dip
D-Navy Beans and Ham, Fried Cabbage, Fried Taters, Cornbread Muffins


B-One Eyed Sailors, Turkey Sausage
L-Leftovers (make pumpkin bread in mini loaves for the freezer)
D-Chicken Helper (I think it's lemon bow-ties or something like that), Salad, Corn, Rolls


L-Crock Pot Baked Beans and Wieners or Smoked Sausage, Salad, Rolls or Cornbread Muffins

Make Chicken Gumbo Soup for the freezer. (will post the recipe on Sunday with a photo)

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