Friday, August 13, 2010

Visit from my cousins.

On Wednesday night, my cousin's wife and daughter drove down from Ohio on their way to Florida and spent the night at my house. I hadn't seen Verna in decades (sorry, it's true) and I hadn't met her youngest daughter either. But family is family. I was glad to visit with her, although we didn't have much time to do so. She was on her way to Florida to her oldest daughters home. Her oldest daughter Tia had just gotten married a few weeks ago and her loving momma was bring her some of her things, wedding gifts and such. We had a good visit and I look forward to visiting with her again in the future when she drives to Florida again.

Still trying to adjust to homeschooling Robyn. I just feel that she is not doing enough review of her materials before she takes the quizzes and tests. And she is just not into doing the projects. I am learning to have a lot of patience with this girl. I guess we are learning together!

Robert is about done with updating all the computers at church. He probably only has about one day left of that. Today, he is out at his Aunt's lake house taking care of few chores for her. He is still actively seeking full time employment. We still talk about selling our home and being entirely debt-free. It something I don't think he really wants to do. It will be a lot of hard work to move. We would have to sell the house first before buying another home and this may require two moves. Who knows. He just doesn't want to go there yet. Please continue to pray for him to find a job.

We will be starting up our small group again in our home in a few weeks. This time our study is supposed to follow along with the weekly message. This will be different and I look forward to seeing how this goes.

I still have my goals to have my house completely decluttered but homeschooling is taking up a lot more of my time than I thought it would. I just need to block out a space of time for that in my day, I guess. Most rooms in the house look pretty good right now. My bedroom, bathroom and closet are next on my list for a complete declutter and thorough cleaning. My craft room, the basement room and the garage, need the most attention after that. The study is really getting piled up with Robert's techno-geek items. The dining room, den, kitchen and Robyn's room look pretty good. Although a thorough cleaning would be nice, those rooms are staying pretty much picked up and in order with a little daily going over. Sometimes, I think a smaller home would be easier to clean and especially so if we didn't have so much stuff. All things to considered when we think about buying a different home.

Hope your week has been good. Hope all my readers have a great weekend.


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