Monday, August 16, 2010

Hubby is not feeling well today,

I hate it when hubby is sick. He woke up with a headache early today and proceeded to vomit (sorry). When I got up he told me he was not feeling well. I told him to go to our bedroom. We have those nice room darkening shades in there and it's a good place to be when you are sick or needing a nap. He has since vomited many times. I hope it is just the scallops he ate last night (yep we got Japanese take-out) or just a sick headache and not some nasty virus. Ugh.

When he is better I will fix him something light like chicken noodle soup or he may just want to drink a G-2. What do you do for your hubby when he is sick? Does he like pampering or does he just like to be alone? Please share your thoughts.


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