Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Work in Progress

Dd's room is still a work in progress. She doesn't return home until late Thursday afternoon, but I know we won't be finished by then. She has threatened us with the fact that if it is not finished, she will stay with her grandmother. We said "okay." lol We could use a few extra days to get it done. Dh has been feeling ill with "sick" headaches and was vomiting yesterday because of them. Today he isn't nauseous any longer but his head still hurts and he really isn't up to doing that kind of work. Let's pray tomorrow will be a better day. I will go ahead and do some more decluttering though. I don't have any excuse for not working in her room. Darn it!

I hope all my readers are having a good week and getting those things accomplished on their to-do lists.



LuvtheWord said...

No excuse? Yes, darn it. :) I hope it's going well. Prayed for Dh today that he will heal and that you will have a deep, deep well of patience to nurse your sick man. :)

Chaos Cottage said...

Thank you so much sweet Julie. Dh is better but his head is still hurting. Just knowing you are praying helps so much.


Becky said...

Said a prayer for all of you. Hope you DH feels better soon.