Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daughter's Bedroom

Dear Daughter is away on a trip to Florida and the Bahamas with her grandmother and great-great aunt. While she is away we were given "orders" to paint her room. She has been wanting a change in there for some while. When she was younger we put a pinkish mauve glaze faux finish on her walls. She is now done with that and wants a nice spring green color. She also received a Tinkerbell comforter for Christmas from her Grandmother Sue and wants the walls to match it. So, dh and I are attempting to get the "junk" out of her room so that we can do this. This is embarrassing, but here is a before picture of her room.

Here is a before picture of the guest room across the hall.

Yes, I said before. This is even more embarrassing. But I'm just being real here folks. When we are sorting and getting things out of her room and making a quick pick-up before sleepovers this is where everything goes to never be seen again. Needless to say, we haven't had guests sleep over in a while. It will be so nice to have a nice fresh guest room again.

What a job this is. We are going through and getting all the missing items of clothing, some dirty, some clean. We are bagging up trash. So far four kitchen size trash bags of trash and odd and ends have been thrown out. We are also sorting through toys for items to give to our Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (KARM) which operate several thrift stores. Also, nicer items which she no longer plays with, are going to be photographed and sold on e-bay. What doesn't sell can be given to KARM. This sorting and cleaning process will take much longer than the paint job. But it needs to be done. We should have done this a long time ago. Actually, you should see our basement. There are tons of toys there too that were taken out of her room a while back. They haven't been sorted or taken to KARM and we will get to that when this job is done.

Dh's mother told us about a new Behr paint that has the primer in it. We are going to go look for that, probably tomorrow. That will save us some time and work. I think I will go simple on the window treatment and just pick up some green and purple sheers to layer on her window. Those, and pink, are her favorite colors.

When the work is all done and her room and the guest room are all spic and span and sleepover ready, I will post after photos.


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