Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Time

Do you plan your meals? I like to do this. I don't always stick to the plan but it helps in grocery shopping and avoiding the "it's 5'oclock and what's for dinner" dilemma. Here's my plan for this week:

Monday: Meatza (made with turkey), Tossed Salad, Black Grapes (dh's favorite)

Tuesday: Stuffing Easy Chicken Bake (using up my last box of Stove Top Stuffing), Corn on the Cob (those cute little ones!)

Wednesday: Mini-shepherd's pies (making this with turkey and freezing some for a later meal), Tossed Salad

Thursday: Leftover buffet!

Friday: A winter favorite, Taco Soup and Fritos!

Saturday: Spaghetti sauce with whole wheat pasta, Salad, and maybe some yummy homemade spaghetti bread (just bread with Italian seasoning and parmesan-I make the dough in the bread maker and then bake in the oven-much better!)

Sunday: Beans and Biscuit Bake, Pineapple


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