Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menu for week of October 29th

Okay, another week of not following my menu plan. Fortunately, I don't have many groceries to buy as I still have the fixin's for the food planned last week :) 

Monday: Lazy Lasagna (freeze two pans), Sauteed Zucchini and Onions

Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Quiche (freeze one pie), Fruit Salad, Crescent Rolls

Wednesday: Mummy Weenies :D, Tomato Chicken Gumbo (freeze extras for later lunches) 

Thursday: Bean and Cheese Burritos, Chips and Salsa 

Friday: Stouffer's Meal (I like to buy these tasty frozen dinners when they are on sale and especially with a coupon. They are very good and all natural, nothing weird), Salad and/or Green Veggie 

Saturday: Salmon Patties, Mixed Beans, Cornbread Muffins 

Sunday: Lunch-Crock Pot Chicken Fried Chops, Brussels Sprouts, Mashed Taters, leftover Cornbread Muffins Supper: Maybe Pizza Night or leftovers if there are any :D

I'm going to try to do better this week sticking to my menu. Sometimes I am too tired to cook and we will get take-out or some days I have leftovers that need to be eaten and I don't get to what I planned. Do you do that too? Thanks for stopping by Chaos Cottage. Go to  Organized Junkie  for 100's of menu plans.


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BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

My faithful waffle maker of 16 years died last night! It was a wedding gift so I think that's why my husband and I are upset. Now it's time to shop for another one that will last another 16 years!
Looks like there’s going to be some amazing meals this week.
Happy Halloween!