Saturday, March 24, 2012


My daughter and I went to the sneak peek opening of Dollywood on Friday. We were gifted by her aunt with season passes for Christmas. We have been counting down the days until the sneak peek. Here are some photos that she took with her iPhone. She's becoming a great photographer.

Welcome to Dollywood. It was a drizzly rainy kinda day, but we had fun anyway. We saw one show, a Russian band who played and sang swing sorta music. They were very good.

Funnel cakes are a Dollywood tradition. We like ours plain with only powdered sugar. Robyn and I shared one and enjoyed every bite!Here is the gristmill. They sell yummy cinnamon bread there fresh from the oven. Nice spot to have a cup of Joe with your cinnamon bread or a homemade cookie.

Choo-choo. All aboard! We enjoyed our five mile ride around the property on the Cinderella. Soot and all!

Mr. and Mrs. Duck going for a swim.

Dollywood must be one of the most beautiful amusement parks around. There were gorgeous flowers everywhere. Robs photographed these just as we were leaving.

Walking the park took a toll on this old body of mine. My knees are killing me today. I keep saying I'm going to use one of their motorized scooters but haven't yet. I guess I just don't want to admit I'm getting old.

We will probably go back in a week or so. We enjoy the cooler spring temperatures there. The summer days are way too hot and humid for me to enjoy the park. I'll just leave those days for the young-uns.


Beth said...

These are good photos. Thanks for sharing your visit. Dollywood will be quite spectacular at Christmas I think.

Chaos Cottage said...

Yes, Christmas is a special time there. Lots of lights.