Thursday, February 10, 2011


Been busy this last week or so trying to get Robyn caught up in her homeschooling. Her dad, the head master, has been having her redo some assignments, quizzes and tests that she didn't do so well in. In "real" school she wouldn't get to do this. We just want to make sure she understands her material before moving on. I have to monitor her as she doesn't want to do the work. My daughter isn't lazy, is she? No, I think she just gets bored. We have limited all tv and internet fun for her until she gets caught up. My parents have been begging for her to come for a visit but I'm not comfortable in doing this until she has caught up her school work and then she may have a break. We didn't school on Monday so we are doing extra work every day this week. It's so easy to come up with excuses not to do school. Even the teacher and head master have to be reminded sometimes that school is priority number one.

On the plus side, she read an entire book in the last twenty-four hours. She loves books about mermaids. When she has a book she loves she zips right through it. I'm the same way. I guess we will need to get more books from the library very soon.

Tomorrow night she and a friend are attending a laser quest event that the church is sponsoring. They are going to have pizza too. It will be three hours of fun for her and her best friend. The next night her friend is coming over for a sleep over and hopefully will be going to church with us. On Tuesday, our home school group from church is holding a Valentines Day party at church so Robyn and I need to get busy buying and addressing Valentines.

I have a feeling we won't get much school work done on Tuesday either, do you? See how easy it is to get distracted from this? I will have her do some school work that day but it probably won't be a full day.

Now, I need to get some laundry done and pull a meal from the freezer for baking later in the day. Husband will be back from the grocery store soon. I hope he finds everything that is on the list. My knee is healing but not well enough to walk all over the grocery store.

Have a blessed day.

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Becky said...

Very glad to hear that your knee is making progress. Hope it is back to normal soon.