Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Errand Runner

Lately, my husband's unemployment and his being home with me has been getting on my last nerve. I have had to really work on my attitude. I have good days but many bad days. I'm a work in progress, remember?

But today, it is good to have a husband at home. Why? He is running errands for me. So, technically, he is really not at home is he. lol He is buying milk and bread and picking out two free movies from Red Box. He is taking books to McKays for cash. He is dropping off a load of no longer needed items to the Knox Area Rescue Mission, he is returning books to the library and later is taking bags of stuffed toys to a friend who has a friend who is going on a medical missions trip and will be taking stuffed toys. That's a lot of running around. This frees me up to do a little laundry, get the chili on for dinner, and most importantly home school my daughter.

Thank you hubby for your help today. I love you.


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