Friday, November 5, 2010

Okay, here's the run down.

The dryer works! Who hoo!!! I am so proud of my hubby for stepping out of his comfort zone and actually repairing the dryer. Before he was unemployed, he would have called a repair man, or just bought a new dryer. Now, since money is tight or nonexistent, he tackled the job himself. With a little research and pointers from my dad and help from a buddy to get it out of the nook and back in, viola! we have a working dryer. I was so excited last night I immediately washed three loads of clothes.

But....big but here...the washer is leaking. At first, we thought it was water coming from the dyer. It sat out on the deck under a tarp while he painted the nook and put down new vinyl tile. Hubby found a hole in the tarp and a little water got in the machine. But them we looked and the water was coming out from under the washer. So...hubby will be doing a little research on this and, hopefully, will be able to repair it as well.

He painted the remainder of the little bathroom and had quite a lot of seepage under the tape so has lots of touching up to do. Also, he hasn't removed the toilet yet, in order to paint around it and lay the remainder of the tile. Hopefully, he will get to finish this chore on Saturday as today he is out and about with his mom helping her with a genealogy quest. At some point, I want to paint the frame around the mirror and the vanity cabinet, but there is no hurry to do that. Maybe a chore for this winter or early spring?

My daughter goes on a Fall Overnight with the church this evening and she is very excited. She has never gone to camp so this will be a way to give it a try for only one night. She is taking a sleeping bag and is very excited to make new friends. As an only child, and now a homeschooled student, it is important that she make friends at church all the more.

While Robyn is gone, Robert and I are going to have a nice quite date night. I had planned on us staying home and having a candlelight dinner and maybe watch a movie together or at the very least visit our favorite bookstore and enjoy conversation over a cup of joe and then guess what? My sweet neighbor, and pastor's wife, Julie, whom you can read all about at, brought us a gift card to Panera Bread. What a nice surprise! Now hubby and I can go there and enjoy a cup of coffee and sweet roll or soup and sandwich thanks to her generous and thoughtful heart. Thank you Lord for your gift of friendship!

So that's the run down of things going on around here. Stay tuned for the promised photos of the bathroom and laundry nook.


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Becky said...

Hope you two had a wonderful date and that your daughter had a wonderful time at camp.