Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We are celebrating Advent for the first time as a family this year. I was not familiar with Advent but had seen Advent calendars and wreaths here and there. So I began a search on-line to find out more about it. There is a lot online so I suggest you google it and find out more about it too, if you are like me, and didn't grow up in a household where this was practiced. I'm too cheap to buy an Advent wreath, so we are using an existing votive holder that I already had, as we move through the month. Maybe, next year, when finances are better, we will buy an Advent wreath with the correct colored candles. lol

We are also trying to do something Christmasy (my word) every night. We started out with putting up the tree and doing some decorating. We will do things like listen to Christmas music and hymns, have Bible reading and prayer together, drive around town to view the Christmas lights, watch Christmas movies together, do Christmas baking and cooking together, address Christmas cards, watch a local parade, attend our church's Christmas music program, help stuff socks with goodies to give to the homeless, (a church sponsored activity), etc. But, most importantly, concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas.

How about you? Do you do anything special to prepare for Christmas? Do you have any holiday traditions?


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