Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Election Day!

Remember to go out and cast your vote!

We are going out later in the day to vote. Right now I am just taking a break from working in my kitchen. I have my Cranberry Chicken cooking in the crock pot and have been cleaning and organizing my kitchen pantry.

I have a large pantry with two bi fold doors and a lot of things get stashed in there. It is also where I keep larger appliances and a small tool box or two, a box of batteries, extra paper towels, extra pans for freezer dinners, plastic cups and paper plates for our small groups,etc. It can get really messy. And lately, I'll go the pantry to get something, and it will not be there. Or, at least, I cannot find it. So, I thought an inventory was in order. I have already inventoried my garage freezer and I know what is down there. I just have to remember to update it when I go to the store and add to it, and when I use something in it. I find these inventories really help me when it comes time to menu plan. I am going to try to plan some menus around what I already have. I do have a hard time not buying things on sale and that I have coupons for. I will probably continue to do that while using up my stock.

Hubby is still working on our main bath/laundry nook. He has gone to buy some goof-off for a few paint mistakes and is going to paint the bathroom half today. Tomorrow, we are going to go look for a new, inexpensive toliet. Photos tomorrow.


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