Monday, August 3, 2009

What's Happening?

Last week, one of my bestest friends from high school was passing through town with one of her daughters and her two grandchildren and I got to meet up with them. We ate "Linner" at Famous Daves. It was so good to see her again and meet her grandchildren. It is still hard for me to imagine my friends, my age, having grandchildren. I guess it's because I married and became a mom much later in life. I will be really old, if and when, I become a grandmommy!

Robert is still actively job hunting. Nothing so far. I am considering going back to work myself. If nothing else, to help financially, until he finds a job, and then to rebuild our savings again because we are using it up quickly. I do not look forward to the job hunt and the interviews and everything that goes with it. Ugh...pray for me to see if this is the Lord's will for me and my family at this time. Oh, that reminds me. I need to update and blow the cobwebs off my resume.

Robyn has a dentist appointment today. It's her six month check-up. She had a headache yesterday and tossed her cookies. She seemed to feel much better after that. I am hoping she doesn't have a bug and it was just a "sick" headache like her daddy occasionally gets.

Also, on my agenda today, is to finish the laundry and put it away. Yes, no more searching through the hampers for clean clothes. Ugh, I didn't used to do this. Now, if you can't find it in the closet or drawer, it's "look through the laundry basket!" Are you guilty of this too?

We are going to all go grocery shopping today. I am going to hit all my favorite stores for bargains. Every little bit of savings helps. I enjoy it when my family goes shopping with me. I send them on scavenger hunts to find items. Robyn likes going with a coupon to find the item and get the best price.

Robert is finally getting over his summer cold. I actually let him sleep in bed with me last night. He had been sleeping on the pull out bed or sometimes the recliner in the den. He slept pretty well last night and wasn't coughing. We went to church yesterday, even though he was still feeling pretty rough that morning. Praise the Lord he is better today.

Tomorrow, we will take Robyn up to my mom and dad's for one more visit before school starts again. She will spend a couple of nights with them. She really enjoys my dad's cooking.

We still have some back to school shopping to wrap up. Last week Robert purchased many of her back to school supplies, including a new Tinkerbell backpack and lunch box. She was really excited about those purchases. Anything to get her hyped about going back to school. I always thought new school supplies helped to get me into the back to school mode. We have to take her to get new school uniform polos and maybe some khaki pants. I have ordered her some jeans. They should come this week. Oh, and she needs new athletic shoes and I think that should just about do it. And a haircut. Time to cut it shorter and eliminate all the tangles she gets in her thick head of hair.

Her Grand "mama" and Great Aunt took her shopping last week and bought her some end of summer specials. She will be going on a cruise with them after Christmas and now is the time to buy clothes for that. Can you imagine trying to find summer shorts, bathing suits, skirts, etc. in December? She modeled all her new clothes for me and they were all so cute. I ordered her a pair of capri black leggings to wear under a colorful tunic that she got. It will look really cute with some black flip flops. She is getting excited about the cruise and I am getting excited for her. This will be a first for all of us. I don't know what Robert and I will do with her gone all week on vacation without us! I have six months to get myself prepared for this.

A few years ago, I read through the bible with a daily bible that puts it in chronological order. It's a neat way to read it. So, I've started it again. I just picked up on August lst and am going from there. I'm in Jeremiah. But that's okay. I'll just finish it on July 31st 2010. This is a handy way to read the bible in a year. The one I am using is called the Daily Bible.

Well, enough jabbering about my life for today. What's happening in your world?

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Becky said...

Hi Pam, I will continue to pray for you hubby and the job situation. So glad he is feeling better from his cold. Hope your daughter is not coming down with the cold. Enjoyed reading about her "fashion show" for the cruise. So cute!