Monday, September 7, 2015

My plans for my cottage this week:

Today was a pretty productive day.  It is Labor Day and I did labor.  lol   Hubby also left for work a while ago to work a night shift and will get paid double time and a half, I believe.  So we work on Labor day!  Yes we do!

I got to check off many things on my to-do list today.  I rarely get to everything.  I usually run out of steam before I can, but here is what I have accomplished today:

Good breakfast for the hubs and I
Put away all clean clothing
Did two loads of darks and and load of lights and will probably get to a load of whites before the evening ends
I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it and hand washed a sink full of dishes
Picked up the house so that Rosie the Roomba can do her job (I just love her!)
Got husband to move a table for me.  Muscles!
Got husband to get his techy gadgets off the dining room table so we can actually eat there if we'd like -  lol
Husband broke down boxes that I had emptied (yes I am still unpacking from our move.  I don't think I will ever get done!) and he took the good ones we may sell or donate to the garage and put the others in the recycling - more muscles!
Had family meeting (school stuff, chores, calendar, etc.)
Bought a few groceries
Filled up my gas tank
Put a roast in the crockpot
Made my husband lunch
Packed his lunch to take to work
Daughter and I ate a good lunch
Later, daughter and I will have a good dinner - Yum!
Clean up Kitchen
Watch a show or enjoy some YouTube!

Tuesday plans:
Pack daughter's lunch
Fix breakfast
Leave for school at 7:30
Clean dining room
Unpack some kitchen boxes
Unpack some master bedroom and bath boxes
Make Vet appointment for kitten
Change linens
Wash linens
Pack Hubby's lunch
Go to Target
Go to Krogers for big weekly grocery haul
School run-be there around 3:30
Fix dinner
Clean up Kitchen
If I haven't run out of steam, wash some lace curtains for the craft room, guest room and dining room (these are from the old house)
Hang said curtains :)

Wednesday plan:

Pack daughter's lunch
Fix breakfast
Leave for school at 7:30
Go through my shoes in garage and decide which to keep and which to donate
Run Rosie the Roomba
Work in craft room (lots of unpacking and organizing to do-lots of boxes in there that belong elsewhere too)
Pack Hubby's lunch
School run-be there before 2:30
Fix dinner
Clean up Kitchen

Thursday plan:  

Pack daughter's lunch
Fix breakfast
Leave early for school @ 6:30 (Bible Club)
May need a nap :)
Work in craft room (this may take a while)
Take Hubs' suits to dry cleaners (he hasn't worn these in a while and I'd like to get them cleaned and store them in a closet other than the one in our master-takes up needed space)
Pack Hubby's lunch
School run
Fix dinner
Clean up Kitchen

Friday plan:

Pack daughter's lunch
Fix breakfast
School run
Work in craft room
Run Rosie the Roomba (this really helps with the pet hair on our hardwoods and tile)
May possibly be going to Atlanta tonight or tomorrow night to go to Ikea.  If so, daughter will go to Aunt's for the night after school.
School Run
If no Atlanta trip, fix dinner
Clean up Kitchen

Saturday plan:

May be in Atlanta!  Maybe not.

If not,
Prepare daily meals
Rearrange Laundry room (move shelf, move cat litter boxes)
Buy and install extra shelves in Master Bath closet, Craft room closet and Pantry (Hubby has already measured these)
Did I need a new curtain rod in the craft room?  If so, buy one of these too and see if Hubby can install it
Hubby needs to work in the Home Theater
Detailed Kitchen Duty (I'm a messy cook!)

Sunday plan:

If not in Atlanta, church
Lunch out?
Dinner in?
Clean up Kitchen
Either way, I'd like us to eat out together one meal today
Family Meeting

That's my plan for the week.  Some routine, some to-do's that if I didn't plan them, they wouldn't get done, etc.  I'm a list maker and I find I accomplish more if I have a list and can check my to-do's off. 

I may or may not post my plans for my cottage every week.  We'll see how this goes.  I want to get this cottage unpacked and neat and tidy so that we can have guests over.  Our parents haven't even seen our new home yet!  I know, but Hubby worked two months this summer of nights which were four nights with one night off, continuously and is about to start that again for at least six weeks.  This is unusual and has kept us from getting a lot of work done around here.  Just thought I ought to explain.  We're not really that lazy, ya'll.  lol

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