Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cottage Happenings for week of September 28th

We went car shopping on Monday and Hubs took the night off.  We went looking for a particular car that was advertised online and ended up not getting it as they didn't have it and ended up buying two cars.  I kidded with the salesman that it was the ole Bait and Switch.  We hadn't anticipated buying two at this time, but we found a couple good bargains too good to resist.  One was leaving for auction the next day and was really priced to sell.  We scooped them up.  Now I have a 2013 Ford Edge and Hubs has a 2012 Lexus ES and my 2000 Lexus RX, which has been well loved,  is going to be sold to my nephew who has wanted it for a long time.  The 2002 white Lexus RX will remain for my 16 year old to drive for a few years.  We love the Lexus brand.  Our family has had four.  They are good cars and will last 300,000 miles.  That's why ours are so old!  So needless to say, any plans I had for the day were shot as we spent most of the day at the dealership.  So on to the rest of the week.

Tuesday:  Daughter is not feeling well and is staying home from school so I took advantage of that and slept in.  Nice!  So here are the plans for the rest of today:  I need to do some house cleaning.  Didn't do much of that over the weekend besides laundry.  I have a 2:00 vet appointment to take in a cat for blood work as he has dental surgery tomorrow. I need to call and make an appointment to get a car detailed (the one I am selling to nephew).  Run Roomba and swiffer and mop where needed.  I plan on making a hardy dinner tonight and would like to start it early enough that Hubs can take some in his lunch to work tonight.


Pack daughter's lunch
School Run
8:30 take cat to vet for dental surgery
Take package to UPS store for return
Give kitchen some much needed attention
Pack Hubby's lunch
Kroger run
Pick up daughter from school


Pack daughter's lunch
Early school run
Possible nap
Do a load of laundry
Take car for detailing
General house picking up
Pack Hubbies lunch
Get daughter early from school for dermatologist appointment
Weight Watchers meeting
Nephew coming over to get his car


Pack daughter's lunch
School run
Dust house
Wipe down leather furniture
Do a load or two of laundry
Quick bathroom clean
Dinner out with friends
Daughter to clean basement


Take daughter to play practice
Finish up laundry
Pick up daughter from play practice along with friend coming to visit for the afternoon
Take friend home


I would like to visit my parents

That's my plans for the cottage.  Thank you for stopping by.


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