Monday, November 12, 2012

Menu for week of November 12th

I can't really post a real menu this week as it is a crazy one.  My daughter and I are leaving tonight to stay at my mom and dad's so that I can get up early to take my dad to the hospital for, hopefully, a one day surgery.  If there are complications, he has to stay an additional night, which means a second night at my mom and dad's.  So it's possible I may not get back home to cook dinner until Wednesday night.  Either way, if we get home Tuesday night or Wednesday night, I pass by our favorite Chinese restaurant and I plan on picking up take-out.  Also, Saturday morning, daughter and I are leaving for a week in South Carolina.  We will probably do pizza on Friday night so there aren't any dishes to clean up.  So here's an attempt at my week:

Monday-out of town
Tuesday-possibly out of town (Chinese take-out)
Wednesday-possibly out of town (Chinese take-out or Soup with Grilled Cheese Sammies)
Thursday-homemade Potato Soup (hubby's fav) with sour cream, bacon and cheese on top!
Friday-Pizza night
Saturday-leave on vacation with daughter

That's my week, easy peasy!  Hope you have a fab one too!

Go to I'm an Organized Junkie   to see 100's of menu plans.


P.S.  My new recipes from last week were great! 

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