Monday, November 26, 2012

Making Your Home a Haven, Week 4

Okay, this week's challenge to make our home a haven, is to decorate for Christmas.  This should be pretty easy for most of us.  We have our Christmas decorations in storage, in preparation for the big move, whenever that's going to happen, so I had to pick up a few things.  I didn't go crazy or anything. We purchased a small (4 ft.) white prelit tree and placed in on the back of the kitchen table, closest to the window.  We bought red and blue ornaments to make it a real American Christmas tree.  I have a cute little decoration of a cross that says peace hanging on the front door to welcome all and a Merry Christmas plaque with dangling snowflakes hanging above the fireplace.  Since our stockings are packed away, I may just place baskets on the heart with our name tags on them for our little Christmas stocking stuffings.  I just love the stuffing!  I have some awesome smelling candles from Bath and Body Works which makes the house smell like Christmas too.  Not sure what else I may do, but anything I purchase will just be incorporated into all the decorations I have collected over the years and when we get into a new house, it will be so much more fun to pull all those items out and make our home festive.

So, go to Women Living Well to find out more about making your home a have. 



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Marge said...

Now, I thought you had decided to stay in your house. It must be hard knowing you have all those Christmas decorations packed away!