Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu for week of July 2nd

I'm struggling with my menu this week.  Let me explain.  My family, minus me, was supposed to be in Ireland through Thursday this week.  Their plane taking them to Dulles and then to Dublin was delayed so long they couldn't make it to Dulles in order to make the flight to Dublin.  This was a tour package, so it messed with the whole trip.  So I made two trips to the airport on Saturday.  I am glad to have them home and we all agree that God had other plans.  But now, my plan to eat nothing but tomato sammies and BLT's all week is not going to happen.  I'll probably fit them in somewhere anyway for lunch.  So I had to scramble to come up with a new plan.

Monday:  We're eating a large lunch out today so today would be a good day to get in my BLT craving.  I'll serve those with a side of Pasta Salad

Tuesday:  This one is still up in the air. Not sure if we are eating out or not.  We still have a gift card to a nice restaurant to use up.

Wednesday:  Celebrating the 4th at my MIL's.  We are having BBQ pork and all the fixin's.  Too hot to grill out.  I'm bringing Sweet Tea and Banana Pudding. 

Thursday:  I might make that Sausage Casserole I've been planning and not getting too.  Or I could just make sausage, eggs, and pancakes.  Again, it's hot.  Might not want to use the oven.

Friday:  I'm thinking Grilled Chicken Breast and Spinach and Strawberry Salad, possibly a side of Rice Pilaf.

Saturday:  Grilled Chicken Burgers.  Might forgo the fries.  That's hard to do but it does require using the oven.

Sunday:  I have some Turkey and Cheese sausages in the fridge.  A yummy Broccoli Salad (with bacon, of course), and something else, maybe fruit.

That's my week.  I tried to keep it simple.  Not a lot of prep and very little oven use.  How's your week of cooking looking?



BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday today.
Sorry to hear about their trip.
Don't you just love Pinterest? I get so much meal ideas from there.
Have a delicious week!

Christi said...

Stpping by from Menu plan Monday! Have a good week!