Monday, July 9, 2012

Trying Something New!

I'm going to try something new this week to see if I can be more productive.  It may sound silly, but I find that if I make a list I am more likely to do things.  To keep from misplacing the list and to hold myself more accountable, I thought I would put it on my blog for all the world (well, really my few regular viewers) to see!  Here are my plans for this week:


Daily Morning Routine *see below
Drugstore Run
Take daughter to Robyn Day (my friends and family know what this means)
Treadmill Time
Monday Chores of the Day (kitchen duty)
Compile Grocery List with Coupons
Wash Load of White Clothes
Daily Evening Routine *see below


Daily Morning Routine
Grocery Run
Treadmill Time
Tuesday Chores of the Day (dust, Windex glass and mirrored surfaces, wash misc.)
Additional Chores-(we've been working on daughter's bathroom)-thoroughly clean bathroom, hang new shower curtain and towels. (hubby painted, put up a new light fixture, towel rack and etagere in oil rubbed bronze).  I still need to buy new rugs.
Trash Day
Daily Evening Routine


Daily Morning Routine
Treadmill Time
Wednesday Chores of the Day (sweep and mop all hard floors, wash a load of dark clothes)

Daily Evening Routine


Daily Morning Routine
Treadmill Time
Thursday Chores of the Day (bathrooms, wash a load of light clothes)
Daily Evening Routine


Daily Morning Routine
Treadmill Time
Friday Chores of the Day (vacuum all carpets and rugs, clean laundry area with 1/2 bath, change linens, wash towels
Additional Chores (help daughter to put new linens and comforter set on bed)
Daily Evening Routine


Daily Morning Routine
-family day-
Daily Evening Routine


The Lord's Day!
Daily Morning Routine
Menu and Shopping Plan
-more family fun-
Daily Evening Routine

*Daily Morning Routine consists of:

Shower, dress, hair, make-up and the dreaded shoes (I prefer going barefoot, but I don't get much accomplished when I do!)
Swish both upstairs toilets, Windex sinks and counters, quick sweep of bathroom, make bed.

(Truthfully, the above things are very hard for me to do without my morning cup of ambition.  I used to keep a coffee maker in my master bath and am seriously considering doing it once again, because if I go downstairs to have my coffee first, I am not likely to go back up the stairs to do the above things.  I'm lazy that way!)

Now, the long awaited cup of Joe and a little Bible/Prayer time to get my day off to a good start.
Check calendar for any appointments

Start a load of laundry
Tidy kitchen after breakfast
Tidy bath on main (swish and Windex)
Check menu-set out anything that needs thawed or put into crockpot to cook

Tidy kitchen again
15 minute pick-up of main floor


Fold and put away laundry
Chores for the day

If all of these things get done, then I will allow myself computer time (I still do that in between  chores as I need to rest if I stand too long my legs get numb and tingly.)  I just need to remind myself to get back up and get back to it.  Easier said than done for me.  : (


*Daily Evening Routine:

Launch Pads ?  Husband, Daughter, etc.

Lunch(es) packed?
Coffee Maker ready?
Load and run dishwasher
Kitchen clean ?
Den tidied?
Bedrooms tidied?
Check Calendar for next day
Phone and other needed electronics charging?

Evening Ablutions - Time for bed!  Whew!!!

Do I do all these things?  No.  Do I want to do all these things?  YES!  I've heard it takes about 21 days for a habit to stick. So I'm going to give it a try.  I'll let you know how things go from week to week.

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