Thursday, October 13, 2011

We are "princess" sitting this week

My mother-in-love has gone on a fun cruise into the New England/Canada area and beyond and has given us the responsibility to take care of her girl, Lacy Love, while she is gone. We do not refer to the "D" word when talking to her or about her. I made that mistake another time when we were "princess" sitting and she had to be deprogrammed when she returned home to her mama. Mama was not happy!

She is a cute little Papillon Phalene which means her ears don't stand up nice and perky like a regular Papillon. Daughter likes to dress her up in her little outfits when she is here. Lacy likes any attention, even demoralizing attention. She also likes cornbread. Good thing I am making a pan or two while she is here.

She keeps us company when we walk around the neighborhood too. Today, a woman yelled "hi puppy!" and she just looked at her like she was a goober. She knows she's a princess, not a puppy! Geesh!!!

Thank you Lacy for visiting with us. I know we will enjoy our week together, even if the cats aren't so sure.


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