Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of School!

Well, homeschooling for us has started back up. It was a shorter break for Robyn than she would have liked but we are going to follow the local school calendar this year and she will have days off the same as her BFF.

I've already made her a cup of iced coffee to help her wake up and get started. I've already had a cup of coffee myself. Wouldn't you know it? When coffee prices go up, my 12 year old decides she likes it iced. That's really my fault for introducing her to the mocha frappes at McDonalds. Aren't those delicious!

Well, off to open up Second Star Academy for the school year and make breakfast for the family. Pray for a good school year for us.



Marge said...

I hope she has a great year! Haddon (who's going into 2nd grade) told me this morning that he doesn't want to go to middle school. I told him I'd home school him then, if he wanted. He really liked that idea!

Chaos Cottage said...

You would enjoy it. It's a great way to bond with your child.