Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finished first week of school--check!

We have one week of homeschooling under our belt and it went perfectly. Robyn and I now have this down pat and are hoping to stick to our assignment schedule and not fall behind. In addition to her Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum we are doing a couple of Kay Arthur Bible studies for kids and I continue to promote reading for pleasure and we are enforcing one hour fun time on the computer a day. Our treadmill is not working so she has been walking in the neighborhood to get exercise and swimming at her aunt's apartment.

She left yesterday afternoon to visit her aunt and to swim and spend the night. Last week her aunt and grandmama went to Blount Mansion for a tour, so she has already been on a field trip this school year!

Robert has taken several loads of boxes and excess furniture to our storage unit and an outdoor swing to his mother's back yard. Boxes are continuing to accumulate all over the house as we declutter, give to charity, and resale books, in our attempt to get this house listing ready. Two houses near us also recently went up for sale. The competition will be good for us, I hope.

On Monday, my mother turns 80! What a miracle she is, having beaten cancer twice in the last 12 years. My dad has been a very good caretaker and he will be 77 in October. It has been difficult watching my parents age but they continue to keep on keeping on and that does my heart good. I am so thankful that Robyn has grandparents. I didn't have any and that is a blessing I missed out on.

Today, I am getting laundry caught up and trying to decide whether to make something homemade to take to Sunday school tomorrow for snacks or just pick something up at the store. I am leaning towards the second one. Hubby an I may try to catch a matinee today while Robyn is visiting her aunt's. Tomorrow after church is a potluck (yum!) and then we are going to spend the rest of the afternoon visiting my parents and wishing my mom a happy birthday.

Have a terrific weekend!


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