Sunday, April 3, 2011

Menu for week of April 4th

Haven't been blogging much lately due to homeschooling. We are forever trying to get caught up. Anyone else forever playing catch up?

Last week's menu just fell through the cracks. I wasn't feeling well due to the second cold in two months. So Hubby helped out by making a few meals and bringing home take-out. He's getting pretty good at cooking. I did make the Picnic Casserole and the food for the potluck at church. So some of those items I didn't make, will be in this week's menu and maybe the next one too. So here is my plan for this week:


Cranberry Dump Chicken, Broccoli-Rice Casserole, Glazed Carrots


Fish and Chips
(leftovers for me)

Spaghetti, Green Veggie or Salad, Texas Toast (Hubby volunteered to cook this meal)


Sausage Quiche, Fruit, Biscuits


Favorite Beans and Rice and leftover Biscuits


Lovely Leftover Buffet


Crock Pot Pork Chops, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Macaroni and Cheese (since daughter won't eat the mashed sweet potatoes or green bean casserole)

Go to for hundreds of yummy menus!

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Rona's Home Page said...

Our family loves spaghetti! It's our go to meal when we're tight on time.

There's lot of yummy meals planned this week.

Have a wonderful week.