Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Morning Friday

My family is still in bed. I've been up about an hour and had my first cup of coffee and have read God's word for the day. As I look out the french doors onto the deck, I see snow spitting. The forecast is for more snow. It really feels like winter in East Tennessee this year.

I accomplished my grocery shopping yesterday and my meal planning is completed through the month. I just love meal planning. I love feeding my family and trying new recipes. I like knowing my pantry and freezer and fridge contain the foods needed to feed my family. I cannot imagine just flying by the seat of my pants to feed my family. That is just not me. I just wish my daughter would try new foods and like them. I made homemade apple crisp last night and she was appalled that it had cinnamon in it. Cinnamon! And cooked apples! How horrible! Can you believe her? Picky picky.

If the snow doesn't stick, I'm sending husband to Einsteins bagels, with a coupon, to enjoy a little time to himself. I think he will take daughter's ipad with him and peruse employment opportunities as well. He has applied for several more jobs this week and one temp agency has him at the top of their list for upcoming interviews.

As for me, I plan on rebooting the kitchen dishwasher, folding some towels, maybe doing another load or laundry, possibly watching my latest Netflix dvd that arrived a couple of days ago, and just take it easy. I may stay in my jammies all day. Who knows!

Have a fabulous Friday.


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