Tuesday, May 11, 2010

School is almost over for daughter

Tomorrow she has field day and the last day is a half a day with breakfast at school with parents invited. This year has gone by quicker than all the others for me.

We have decided to homeschool Robyn for 6th grade. We cannot afford to send her to her private Christian school with hubby not having full-time employment. We are going to use a dvd curriculum called Switched On Schoolhouse. Since we are new to homeschooling, this may be the easiest way to ease into homeschooling. Plus Robyn loves computers. She really is looking forward to homeschooling so this made the decision easier for us. We are going to start in June and school three weeks and take off one week each month. This allows her needed down-time and time to visit friends and grandparents. We can be flexible even with that plan. Our goal is for she and I to walk daily, start school at 9:00 a.m. with prayer and Bible and then she can go to her laptop and begin her assignments. We want to include weekly library visits as well as field trips with our local homeschool group. I am really looking forward to spending more time with Robyn.

Advice from homeschooling parents out there is greatly appreciated. I have checked many homeschooling blogs and websites and have found all kinds of help on-line. It would seem awfully lonely, I think, without the web to keep us all connected.

Have a terrific day.


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