Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Accountability Time!

I have some things I must get done in the next few days or week so I thought maybe I ought to make a list. That way, it keeps me accountable, and I can check off as I go and feel like I have accomplished something. Here goes:

1. Laundry-catch up and put away clean clothes (done)
2. Kitchen - reboot dw, hand wash dishes, clean out fridge, clean stove, table and counter tops(all dishes done, rebooted dw, more to come)
3. Pick up Dining Room (done)
4. Pick up Den (done)
5. Clean little bath on main
6. Buy groceries (done)
7. Work on yard sale prep
8. Assist daughter with sorting movies and books (outgrown books and movies to be sold to Mckay's)
9. Take books and movies to McKays for cash
10. Practice hospitality by having guests over for a meal

1 comment:

Marge said...

I like your hospitality item. It needs to be planned to get done sometimes, doesn't it?