Sunday, December 20, 2009

I need some accountability.

So, I'm going to start a weekly post on my tasks that I need to accomplish for the week. This is what my week of December 21st looks like:

Monday: Grocery Shopping, Clean-up Main Floor of House, Photograph dd for Christmas card (I know, I know...nothing like getting those cards out early! Dh is the photographer in the family for the Christmas cards). Guests at 6:00 for Pizza, Soda and Sweets!

Tuesday: Take dd to my folk's house to spend a couple of nights. Possible lunch date with dh. Pick up stocking stuffers. Wrap dd's gifts while she is gone. Quiet evening with dh.

Wednesday: Do some Freezer cooking. See this week's menu. Clean up kitchen afterwards and as I go along.

Thursday: To my folk's house to spend afternoon celebrating Christmas Eve with them and bringing dd back home and to church for 6:00 Christmas Eve services. Later, cookies and hot cocoa by the fire as Daddy reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Robyn doesn't believe in Santa Claus, she's 10 ya know. But fairies, Tinkerbell, you betcha! "Fairies aren't real!" Dems fighting words!

Friday: Christmas Day! Watch dd's excitement as she opens her gifts. Off to mil's to spend the day and have Christmas Dinner. Daddy is going to read Luke 2, the Christmas passage.

Saturday: Do some work here in the house-hmmm...where to begin, probably in the master bath and bedroom and under kitchen sink, as the garbage disposal died and we need to get a plumber here to replace it. Must get all the junk out from under there so he can do his work! Ugh!

Sunday: Church, no Sunday School services today. Home for a day of rest and menu/grocery shopping planning (shouldn't have much of that to do as I am well stocked right now). Just some good quality time with family. Next week there will be much more to accomplish around this house as well as taking down of Christmas decorations. Seems like we just put them up!

What's your week look like?



Okay, it's Wednesday and here is where I am. Haven't gotten groceries yet. That will happen today after the plumber gets here and leaves. Garbage disposal died and he is putting in the new one that dh bought today. Dd is at her grandparent's house and we didn't pick up any stocking stuffers yet or done the Christmas wrapping. We will do that tonight too. Just being honest here. I'll update more later in the week.

Okay, it's Sunday afternoon and I've stuck to everything but working in the Master Bedroom. So, not too bad. How did you do? Did you accomplish everything on your "to-do" list?

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Keli said...

i need some accountability too!! I love your descrition of your house being a work in progress - I know what you mean! :) Here's to getting everything done before Christmas!

Merry Christmas!