Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This week's menu plan

Monday-We did Japanese take-out. Dh had a credit coming to him and he and I ate for $4 and change! Dd had Subway

Tuesday-I am thinking something from the freezer. I have some yummy Stouffer's meals in there I bought on sale.

Wednesday-Beans and Franks, Slaw, Cornbread

Thursday-Popcorn Chicken (have lots of this in the freezer that needs eaten up-not buying this any longer, too much breading, not enough chicken!), Oven Fries and leftover slaw

Friday-Cheddar Chicken (a family favorite recipe), BLT Salad (a new recipe), Alfredo Noodles

Saturday-Lunch will be homemade Calzones and veggies and dip; Dinner will be Wild West Chili Mac and leftover BLT Salad

Sunday-Pasta and Cheese Casserole (crock pot), Salad and Garlic Bread

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Aprille Roberts said...

Hi Pam! I have been meaning to visit your blog for at least a week or two, and after I got your comment I thought it was high time I got over here! Your menu sounds great. I have to go three towns over for Japanese, so that's a no-go! Tuesday - Stouffer's - right up my alley. Wednesday - thrown in some mac and cheese and this could be at my house! LOL! I'm interested in how you make your calzones - could you share? You can email me if you want (sorry for the long comment).

Great blog!
April :0)