Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu for this week

Monday: leftover's(Hazel's Chicken Casserole, Very Vegetable Casserole, Bbq chicken pizza with pineapple) Who doesn't like leftovers? Sometimes you are left with some weird combinations, like this.

Tuesday: Fish Sticks (shaped like fish-dd picked these out at the store), Homemade oven fries, fresh veggies and dip, watermelon

Wednesday: BBQ crock potted ribs (for dh), Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Weinies for dd and I, leftover watermelon, maybe

Thursday: Ranch Chicken Breasts, leftover baked beans and potato salad, black grapes (dh's fav)

Friday: Mixed Beans with Ham, Cornbread

Saturday: World's Greatest Potato Soup, leftovers

Sunday: Chicken Stroganoff (crock pot), Salad, Rolls

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