Thursday, August 21, 2008

Menu for this week

I just realized I didn't get this week's menu posted. Here it is:

Monday: I made wonderful Split Pea Soup with Ham. It was so good. I had baked a ham over the weekend and filled the freezer with ham slices and ham cubes for future use. I cooked the ham bone and froze several containers of ham stock. It made the best split pea soup with ham too. Yum-o! Now I have 3 containers of Split Pea Soup in the freezer too!

Tuesday: Robyn wanted shrimp so dh made her Shrimp Scampi with shrimp flavored noodles. She was in garlic heaven! I can't remember what dh and I ate. Hmmmmm...

Wednesday: I made Ranch Chicken. It is baked chicken breast. New recipe, was very good. I roasted asparagus. Dh and I love this a lot. Dd, not so much. She had garlic and olive oil vermicilli with hers. What's with all this garlic? Later we went out to our back yard and toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was fun using our fire pit.

Thursday: Today's plan is bbq country ribs, slaw and baked beans. Dh loves his ribs! Dd will probably have a hot dog with her dinner.

Friday: I'm thinking yummy leftovers.

Saturday: I am going to make homemade pizza calzone and veggies and dip, probably watermelon.

Sunday: I have Chicken Stroganoff on the menu. Didn't get to this last week. It is a crock pot dish. I love coming home from church to the sweet smell of dinner cooking. Along with that we will have a salad and maybe some rolls.

That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it! lol


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