Monday, August 11, 2008

No vacation pictures posted yet.

I'm so sorry for having not posted my vacation pictures. I have been working on uploading them to Picasa Web Album or some such thing. Dh is trying to help me. He is not the best teacher and my brain has felt like mush lately, so I'm not the best student. I am not geek-inclined but I live my geek!

Today has been climbing Mount Laundry day for me. I almost always do a bunch of laundry on Monday and other days as needed. This is one chore I almost enjoy. There is such immediate gratification to see stinky dirty clothes turn out clean and pleasant smelling in just a matter of hours. My mom was also a liker of laundry. I never even did laundry myself until I moved out on my own. She liked it that much! Dd is 9 and I haven't even begun to teach her laundry skills yet. I'm still working on getting her to put her dirty clothes in the hamper.

Do you have a favorite household chore? Please share and tell us why you like doing it.

Dd will be spending the afternoon with her grandmama and aunt for their last day together before school starts on Wednesday. I think they are celebrating with Chuck E. Cheese. Now that's a loud place. Take your ear plugs!

I hope to get dh to help more this evening with my photos. I also want to get back to working on my scrapbooks once school starts back up. Creative Memories has so many new products coming out next month. I cannot wait to get them. How do you store and share you photos?

Talk to ya later!


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