Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Update 2013

I was just reading over the last few years resolutions that I have posted here on my blog.  There have been a few changes, but some are slow in coming.  I'm a work in progress and so is my home!  With God's help, I can accomplish these things in His time.

I know some folks are adamant that we shouldn't do resolutions.  But I feel for me it is a time to reflect on areas of my life that need tweaking and to also to look at the progress being made in me and my home in the past year.

Home:  Yep, we're still here.  We didn't put the home on the market last spring.  We decided, once again, to wait until hubby is finished with his training regarding his new job.  This will only be a couple more months.  He comes home from work, after driving an hour there and an hour home, to sit and study.  He has tests nearly every Friday and oral exams at the end of each section of study.  He has no time to work on the home. Our goal is still to sell the home and move closer to his job.  Two hours on the road daily is a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles, which are old, and one has had several mechanical difficulties and is in the shop as I type this post.

My nephew came and stayed several weeks with us in late summer and I saw a few tasks get finished around the house. One of them was the wood trim around our kitchen window that needed torn out and replaced.   He also gave our front door a welcoming new coat of paint and did repaint some trim around the door and porch rails.  He did some much needed pressure washing, although our pressure washer isn't the most powerful, it looks better.  But the thing he did that I have enjoyed the most, is that he painted our master bedroom, closet and bath.  It is so nice.  It's a beautiful robin's egg blue.  I just love it.  All the switch plate covers and towel bars got a new coat of paint too.  I bought new towels and my bathroom looks so much nicer.  Earlier in the year I had purchased a new comforter set as an anniversary gift for us and it still looks good. Thank you nephew for all your hard work!

My daughter's bathroom was painted by her dad and we bought her a new shower curtain with a Paris theme and now she loves added new Paris additions to her bathroom.  A new etagere behind her toilet gives her more needed shelving for her bath. For her birthday she received a new black and white comforter set, a vanity stool and cart to hold all her makeup.  Oh and a new colorful floor lamp too.  Her room is so teenage looking.  I would have loved her room when I was her age.

Blog:  I haven't stuck to my three posts a week plan for my blog.  Homeschooling still takes up quite a bit of my time but I want to try to post more often.  I am still learning how to do a lot of this techy stuff.  I am so glad I married a geek and our daughter takes after him.  She really is a lot of help to this old woman!

Family:  We are trying to all attend church more faithfully.  It's funny when I married my husband he wasn't a church attender at all.  Now, he is there more than I am.  My daughter and I still volunteer to help with the Senior luncheon most every month but getting there in time for Sunday school has been a bit difficult for this insomniac.  I will continue to work on being more faithful in my church attendance. I was faithful to attend our candlelight Christmas Eve service.  It was beautiful.

We had several nice vacations this year and enjoyed our season passes to Dollywood.  I just found out that my husband's aunt is going to renew all our passes again as our birthday gifts.  We look forward to going back in the spring.

Personal goals:  Some things never change.  Here is where I need to be more faithful.

Take my vitamins/supplements daily.
Exercise on bike and treadmill and with handweights.
Consistent Bible and prayer time.
Writing in my journal daily.
Get to bed earlier
Get up earlier
Work on my scrapbooks (but first the craftroom needs organizing. Ugh!)

So as you see, those are the areas in my life that need some tweaking in 2013.  Follow my blog and see if I meet my goals.

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to share your link to your goals for 2013.


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